Foundation Board

The foundation board manages the foundation's work and decides on the key activities. It is supported by the foundation committee. The foundation board consists of three members:

  • Dr. Inge von Bönninghausen, Cologne
  • Prof. Dr. Susanne Kinnebrock, Augsburg
  • Dr. Elke Spitzer, Kassel


Foundation Committee

The foundation committee advises and supports the foundation in scientific, financial and other matters. Its members are women from all social areas, e.g. science, archive/library/documentation, journalism and economy, as well as representatives of supporting institutions.

The foundation committee currently consists of the following members:

  • Angelika Amend, Hessian Ministry of Science and Art, Wiesbaden
  • Jutta Bendt, German Archives of Literature Marbach
  • Henny Engels, Deutscher Frauenrat, Berlin
  • Prof. Dr. Edith Glaser, University of Kassel
  • Mechtild M. Jansen, Hessian Center for Political Education, Wiesbaden
  • Prof. Dr. Bärbel Kuhn, University of Siegen
  • Gudrun Reuschel, Radio Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Prof. Dr. Angelika Schaser, University of Hamburg
  • Dr. Jutta Weber, National Library Berlin - Prussian Cultural Heritage


Assembly of Benefactors

The assembly of benefactors consists of all members who have supported the foundation with a sum of 2,000 Euros or more. The assembly is called at least every 5 years. It advises the foundation and serves as a platform for the exchange of information between benefactors and the foundation board.